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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Separating My FriendFeed feed between friends and friends-of-friends

In October, I wrote about using Yahoo Pipes to filter my FriendFeed. At the time I separated them by Twitter messages and everything else. Now that FriendFeed is becoming popular, my feed is big, so I've re-split my feed into friends and friends-of-friends. The RSS feed that comes from FriendFeed doesn't quite make it easy, so I filtered on the phrase class="friend nonf".

Now I can focus on reading what my friends have to say before finding out what their friends have to say.

Update: screen shots, as requested.

Fig 1. Friends.

The Friends filter blocks any entry with a title that contains 'class="friend nonf"'

Fig 2. Non-friends

The Non-Friends filter permits any entry with a title that contains 'class="friend nonf"'


louisgray said...

Sounds like a smart idea. Do you have screenshots to show the difference, or guidance for others who want to do the same?

Anonymous said...

Smart, but complicated. I'm glad my list isn't as huge as yours nor do I follow FriendFeed feed through RSS.

I'm in agreement with Louis about seeing how you went about doing this if you care to share.

konberg said...

I'll add screenshots of the pipes themselves shortly.