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Friday, March 21, 2008

Code-friendly blogging?

I'm looking for advice on either a blog editor or a new blogging service.

Blatherberg will stay where it is, but I want to separate my technical posts. I'm willing to use something other than Blogger, but only because I've been continually disappointed with the inability of Blogger's editor to maintain embedded spaces. Using Google Docs is good at addressing that problem, but introduces others I'm not interested in managing either.

So what I'm looking for is a combination of hosting service and editor that
  1. Preserves formatting
  2. Possibly lets me add-on a source code formatter
  3. Has a template that doesn't constrain the horizontal window size.
  4. Good integration between the editor and the service.
  5. Online editor is a must.
I'll be happy to use Blogger if someone can recommend a good editor to accompany it.

Also, I'd like to make this decision quickly, and seed the new blog with notes from EclipseCon.


swankjesse said...

Preserves Formatting - if you wrap code in a <pre> tag, blogger preserves formatting. The thing that I find awkward in Blogger's "HTML" mode it replaces newlines with <br> tags, which is sometimes convenient and sometimes annoying.

Source code formatter - see google-code-prettify which does automatic syntax colouring in Blogger (or any other blogging system).

Horizontal window size - for automatic horizontal scrollbars, specify "overflow: auto;" in your CSS. Or steal mine.

Anonymous said...

I <3, but dunno if it has your whole laundry list.

konberg said...

@swankjesse, thanks. Per our offline conversation, you see how the editor itself is important to me, and that the pre tag doesn't do any good when using Blogger's default editor.

@Pam, wow! Now that's a voice from the past. I hope you are well. Thanks for the recommendation. I might consider offline actualy, since I have more control over the blog's password.