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Friday, October 19, 2007

Pipes: damn that was easy.

As you might have suspected, I played with Yahoo Pipes today for the first time. I was really looking forward to working with it, because I've always enjoyed working with
Visio and Rational Rose. Of course I didn't expect to draw a UML diagram, but I really like the idea of entities flying around the screen, well connected to each other.

You might note that I didn't mention how much I liked working with dia, because I didn't like it. Sorry Dia. Anyway, where was I going? Pipes. Yes. As the title says: Damn. That was easy.

I built two pipes. Both read my FriendFeed feed. One only lets twitter messages through and one lets through everything else. Once I include those two feeds in Google Reader, I can separate reading Twitter messages from reading everything else.

Logically, I can continue by filtering something else into its own feed, such as people's Amazon Wish Lists, or I can filter them out altogether (I hate wishes!)

After filtering, I tried to perform some mild content mutation, but after 20 minutes, I decided to live without it, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Neat, neat, neat.

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