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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vacation Diary Day 3: Frankfurt

Click here for photos from Day 3

This was a lazy day.

First we had a slow breakfast, and we met a very nice American woman who lives in Vienna. We talked about all sorts of things, and she gave us lots of recommendations for our trip to Vienna. We gave her our one Las Vegas recommendation, where she was going the next day. I think I spent about two to three hours with her, she was a brilliant and kind woman. I even helped her for a while with her laptop's virus scanner. Try debugging virus scanner problems in a language you don't understand!

Most of the day was spent filling in gaps for the rest of our trip: hotels in Vienna and Prague, and train tickets for the whole trip. All we had time for, besides lots of lazing and napping. After that we returned to the Hauptbahnhof to get our train tickets, walked around, considered seeing La Boheme at the Frankfurt Opera House (I was way too tired) and settled on eating at a Lebanese restaurant where we possibly had some of the best Lebanese food ever. Also, it had no meat, our first meal without it.

We stopped at a gelato shop. The gelato salesman spoke very little English, but he was able to speak Italian and we spoke Spanish, and we were able to understand each other. I said "¿Puedo tratar este?" which I thought means "Can I try that?" and he gave me a sour look. Whether I was right or not, who knows, but I realized, this isn't the USA, they may not let you sample. OK, so I ordered a small almond gelato and went crazy over it. Beth didn't taste it, her loss.

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