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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Vacation Day 5: Würzburg -> Ostheim -> Würzburg -> Frankfurt

Click here for photos from Day 5.

In the morning we found out that the banging from the night before was due to a plumber repairing a broken water pipe. In the way of an apology, we were given a small bottle of sparkling wine and nougat chocolates. The breakfast in this hotel was similar to the Hotel Post in Frankfurt. Notably, one of the cereals was a chocolate cereal with some small chocolate flakes and Nutella-filled pillows! This cereal was not messing around, and makes Cookie Crisp look like a health-food item. Damn, it was good.

We walked through Würzburg, did some bird watching, shopping, and stepped in to the Dom Cathedral, and got a chance to listen to its organ play as part of its noontime sermon. After lots of dawdling (and some great bird watching), we finally drove to Ostheim. Instead of taking the Autobahn we rode on local, slower roads that took us through local towns.

Our very first reaction to Ostheim was that, it smelled like cow dung. This discouraged Beth but she got over it since that was only noticeable at the entry to the town. We parked our car in front of the organ museum in Ostheim and walked to see what we could find.

Ostheim is home to St. Michael's Church, which was a Catholic church turn Lutheran in the 18th centrury. Nobody was watching the church, and we were allowed to enter as we saw fit. I wonder if it will stay that way in 30 years. The ornamentation was clearly very old, older than most anything we've seen on this trip. I was particularly taken with it.

Next we went to a recommended local restaurant, Kaak, where Beth had more schnitzel and I ordered pork medallions in green peppercorn sauce. (Green peppercorn sauce seems to be a trend here in Eastern Europe.) Hot damn, yet another amazingly succulent meal. At least this time it came with a salad, and even that was delicious. It was like a cole slaw that grew up to be its own course. Full of dill and yummy scrummy.

We returned to Würzburg to have dessert at the Franconian restaurant. Beth ordered Warm Chocolate Cake. We both agreed that their main courses were more awesome. Finally we returned to the Hotel Post in Frankfurt for a night's sleep in preparation for the next day's trip to Prague.

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