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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vacation Diary Day 1: LAX -> Frankfurt

Click here for photos from Day 1

Our flight from LAX to Frankfurt was fortunately an uneventful 11 hour trip. Out of everything, the most irritating part was having to watch National Treasure: Book of Secrets. (Here's a secret: it's a shitty movie!)

Getting through customs in Germany was surprisingly quick. We didn't have to fill out an import card. Since we didn't claim anything, we walked through a special door and presto! we were in the main airport terminal.

Our hotel is in a really pretty little industrial village. Pretty except for the factories, but we didn't mind. We arrived at 11:30 AM and had a 5-hour nap on beds that were incredibly comfortable, possibly the most comfortable beds ever. At 5:30 we bought some supplies at the adjacent market and hunted for dinner. Without trying too hard, we didn't want to eat something too foreign, so we went to a local Italian restaurant. The food was sufficiently familiar and we were happy. It was also very heavy food, a trait that followed throughout almost all our meals in Germany. We went to the hotel and did an imitation of sleeping.

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Unknown said...

I only made a stop in Frankfurt. When I spoke to most Germans, they told me it was good I didn't stay there very long.