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Sunday, February 07, 2010

My dog has a serious addiction to snow

A month ago I let Maggie taste a snowball. My wife thought it was an awful idea. I thought it was hilarious. But little did we both know how quickly this occasional treat would become a craving.

Nothing can distract her from her sweet white powder:

Here's my guilty addict in her mug-shot pose.

Maggie refuses to admit there's a problem.

(More pictures of Maggie's romp in the snow here.)


Troy said...

Last I heard, she was refusing to go outside to relieve herself when that horid white stuff was on the ground. Looks like that SoCal girl is finally getting acclimatized. Congrats

Foodberg said...

Hi Troy!

Yes, I believe this is a step forward. I just hope she doesn't jump from this to drinking standing water. Or, heroin.

Unknown said...

Does New Jersey have a clean needle exchange in case snow is a gateway drug?

Foodberg said...

Who uses needles in snow?

AsteroidFodder said...

Has anyone talked to you about your Chasing Maggie around the yard while the poor dog is trying to eat a bit of snow in peace addition?

AsteroidFodder said...

uh, addiction.