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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Like It Hoth

Everyone knew we were facing a snowstorm today. Schools were closed, and I planned to stay home.

To my delight, I awoke to what we'll call "a good start".

This was going to be a sticky snowy day.

Any house looks better when it's covered with snow.

Maggie, whom I recently remarked just discovered the love of eating snow, learned the notion we know as "too much of a good thing".

... and wanted back in the house as soon as she finished her biological obligations.

By 2:30 we had true blizzard conditions. [link to embedded video below]

This didn't stop my neighbor and her two dogs from enjoying an outdoor romp.

The kids next door played outside almost all day.

I dared one of the kids to try to throw a snowball in my second-floor window. He got a little too close.

Even after the blizzard, the squirrels couldn't hide from our scavenger.

The snowstorm slowed around 8PM, so I brought out a ruler. The official home snowfall: fourteen inches.

I'd been outside twice already to shovel snow. For the third time I disregarded the front walk and most of the driveway, resorting to merely carving out a small path to the side of the house.

Even the snow tired out after its long day of falling.

The neighbors, in preparation for tomorrow's Snow War, built two forts, one on our lawn.

One fort has a special secret compartment for storing snowballs.

They have assured me they will knock on my door before the fight begins. I, for one, have secret knowledge these little punks aren't ready to handle:

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