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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's weather

My cousin Judy is visiting from London. She had a flght from Heathrow to Newark, but given today's awful weather, she was redirected to Albany, about three hours from Newark by car. Because Albany's airport isn't prepared to handle immigration, she could not disembark.

After over three hours on the ground, the flight finally left for Newark.

when to made several rotations around an arbitrary area

then redirected to Boston.

This is not Judy's day.


David Plass said...

To quote Dr. Jones, Sr.: "Our situation has not improved."

Why, oh why, did they divert to Boston?! Silly.

I hope your cousin gets to you safe and sound.

Brett said...

Hey! I can see my house from your post! :-)

Brett said...

(Hey Rob, that last post was me, not Jackie. I wonder why her name came up?)

Foodberg said...

Jackie (aka Brett): Ha ha ha.

David, yes, she landed about eleven hours late. Sixteen hours in all, and she was never allowed to leave the plane, given it was an international flight.