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Sunday, April 10, 2005

West Wing Season 6 Finale

OK, the season is finally over. There were a couple of great episodes. The Josh/Toby fight was much, much more effective than I expected. The president lying on the bathroom floor having a petulant fit was superb. Also, did I miss something, or hadn't I seen a preview where Toby had given his notice? I must have missed that one.

On the flip-side, CJ as Chief of Staff is unbelievable, as in "not believable", and why would Santos choose Leo McGarry as a Vice Presidential candidate? Truth is, Leo apparently has the background. The first result from Google for Leo McGarry brings up this page, which mentions that not only was he the Secretary of Labor and a political powerhouse, but he commands $40,000 on the lecture circuit. So, maybe he wasn't such a bad pick after all. Then I wish they could have reminded us of these facts. Why should I have to go scouring for that information? It's been a while, guys.

Really, what fundamentally disappointed about the finale was how evident it was that it wasn't written by Aaron Sorkin. Readers of gave the show an 'A', and maybe I'm comparing it to past season finales, but an 'A' for what? For twists and turns? The speech wasn't that great. As an opera, the episode played well, but I guess I'm still looking for those moments such as the one where the President Bartlett gives God a piece of his mind and he looked like he might actually get a quick shot. I'll still watch the show, but with much lower expectations. Yeah, right.

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