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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Treo 600

I finally replaced my Nokia POS and said Goodbye to Cingular.

I purchased a Treo 600 and signed up with T-mobile.

The pros:
  • Really easy to use. Everything looks familiar, and if it's not familiar, it's intuitive.
  • I like the camera, even if it is mediocre resolution (640x480).
  • Software that lets me check plane schedules and phone numbers. Perfect.
  • Speakerphone rocks!
The cons:
  • The traditional speaker is mediocre. The reception is crackly, and we live on the 11th floor with an unfettered view. The T-mobile representative said that they're working on a tower two miles away, and that might be the reason why there's trouble. I hope it gets better, cause that's trouble.
  • Can't play Sim City anymore.
Also, note that Palm (or PalmOne, whatever) has released a PalmOS Developer Suite, which rocks! It's based upon Eclipse and Eclipse CDT and Cygwin. Everything is self-contained (it even comes with a JVM.) I wish that were available five years ago.

By the way, if you already have Cygwin running on your machine and you want to use the PalmOS Developer Suite, read the instructions about Cygwin installations. No, really, otherwise it sucks!

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