Thursday, April 28, 2011

PSE&G, Your Laziness Is A Liability

Dear PSE&G,

Thank you again for coming out in early November to repair the rotting gas line. To accomplish this you had to dig a deep hole, about three feet deep if I recall correctly. I was told the night of the repairs by your team on-site that someone would come fill that hole within that week. Nobody came. My wife has called you repeatedly. We've been given a variety of responses mostly between "We will dispatch somebody" to "It's not our problem" to "It's not our department". Whatever. It's April, and this is a safety issue. It's been six months. Fill the damn hole.

I'm pleased to show you pictures of your incomplete work.

Here's the strong piece of wood covering the hole. Look at those fun toys that kids can play with near by.

Look at that -- the whole pit is filled with water! Perfect for getting a quick jump on mosquito season.

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