Monday, August 13, 2007

Movie Review: Soapdish

I watched Soapdish tonight. I've seen it before: once in the theaters in 1991, and probably once or twice on cable.

It's really very funny. Sally Field is such a talented actress, that even though the rest of the cast is so talented, she stole all her scenes. On second thought, the only onewho stole scenes from Sally was Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi had a supporting role that fit her perfectly. So basically Sally and Whoopi are the reasons to watch this movie.

This is odd, by the way, because there are other enjoyable performances by Kevin Kline, Robert Downey, Jr. and Cathy Moriarty, all of whom can really capture your attention. And their performances are that good, but I go back to Sally and Whoopi.

That is all.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Google Reader Anchor Navigation

I am a big fan of Google Reader. I love the large number of keyboard shortcuts it provides. (Did you know the '?' key lists all of Google Reader's registered shortcuts?

I've written a greasemonkey script that registers three more keyboard shortcuts:
  • ] - Select the next hyperlink within the currently open item.
  • [ - Select the previous hyperlink within the currently open item.
  • \ - Open the hyperlink selected with [ and ].
These are particularly useful for reading sites, such as Lifehacker and ze frank's blog, that aggregates posts from many other locations. The aggregated summaries are nice, but I often like to jump to the referenced post.

I should also note that Google Reader also has the 'v' keyboard shortcut that lets you open the current item in a new window. So, these keyboard shortcuts can be considered the first derivative of 'v'.

Someone else wrote a similar script that takes a different UI approach that doesn't work for me. Plus I found it at near the end of writing this one. :)

Get Greasemonkey here before you install this new google reader navigation script.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Minor achievement

This past Monday I finally reached an important milestone in my life: I completed a New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzle.

I should note that this wasn't this past Sunday's puzzle, rather, it was from the week before. I should also note that by 'complete', I mean that I had three cells wrong, but I'm sure anyone who is not a weenie will be happy to include me among those that have completed one of these behemoths.

This is a nice personal achievement.