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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Downloading Eclipse via Bittorrent == Community (Helios edition)

Tomorrow is the public release of Eclipse 3.6, a.k.a. Helios. I reminded you last year why I prefer downloading via bittorrent. It bears repeating.

Those of us that have become Friends of Eclipse are eligible to download it today. Like last year, I'm using the bittorrent links. (If you're not a Friend of Eclipse, you'll have to wait until Wednesday.)

But here's why using bittorrent to get your Eclipse distribution is a contribution to the Eclipse community:
  • Downloading by bittorrent means you can seed many other users.
  • This gives the rest of the community faster access than a standard download.
  • For extra credit, download more distributions than you need, providing even more seeds. For instance, I don't use Windows, but many people do. I can make a difference for those users, too.
  • Any bandwidth you contribute so someone else can download Eclipse results in less bandwidth required by the Eclipse Foundation. In other words, you're saving money for the Eclipse Foundation
  • It gives me a chance to do another 48-hour analysis.
So, please, download via bittorrent. And, really, have you made your donation to become a Friend of Eclipse? Please don't make me get Ira Glass to ask you.

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