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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Downloading Eclipse via bittorrent == community

Hi all,

Tomorrow is the big day: the public release of Eclipse 3.5, a.k.a. Galileo.

Those of us that have become Friends of Eclipse are eligible to download it today, and that's pretty damn cool. In fact, I'm eligible to download it right now. If I weren't on a train, that's exactly what I'd do.

But here's the thing: I'd rather download it with bittorrent. Why?
  • Once I've finished the download, I can participate in someone else's download by making my file available to them.
  • This means the rest of the community will have access to it faster than using a standard download.
  • Any bandwidth you contribute so someone else can download Eclipse results in less bandwidth required by the Eclipse Foundation. In other words, you're saving money for the Eclipse Foundation
  • For extra credit, you can download multiple versions of Eclipse via bittorrent, even the ones you won't use. For instance, I no longer use Microsoft Windows, but because I downloaded Eclipse 3.4.2 / win32, anyone who wants that version will get parts of it from my torrent client. And let me tell you, by watching the bandwidth statistics, that's the most popular upload in my torrent client.
  • I can start my download here, on the train.
So, please, tommorrow, download via bittorrent. And, hey, while I've got your attention: would you please make a donation to become a Friend of Eclipse?


Antoine Toulmé said...

Actually, you can download them by Bittorrent now:


Foodberg said...

Antoine, thanks for the links!

They were not provided in the email I received this morning. To whom should I suggest this occur next year?

Antoine Toulmé said...

You can open a bug against the webmasters or the simultaneous release module.

I forwarded your post to Denis Roy, he might answer here.

Foodberg said...

Thanks, Antoine. Submitted

Anonymous said...

Downloading via torrent now.
Great job