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Monday, June 22, 2009

System.err.println("Hello, Eclipse World!");

Blatherberg has just been added to the Planet Eclipse blog roll. It's just the subset of posts from Blatherberg with an "eclipse" label, which is the same as

For new Planet Eclipse readers, here's a little background: I've been a professional software engineer for almost twenty years. I started using Eclipse in 2002, and wrote my first plug-in at the end of 2006. I work for Google writing Eclipse plug-in developer tools full-time and I love it, love it, love it. If you want to learn a little bit about what my team at Google does to support our internal Eclipse users, come to Eclipse Day at the Googleplex. We'll be discussing it in one of the sessions.

The first IDE I ever used was Turbo Pascal. That was 1984. I used Turbo Pascal to write a Tetris clone called Soviet Block and a two-player sequel called Head-to-head-tris. (As far as I am aware, Head-to-head-tris was the first ever two-player Tetris variant.) After twenty five years, I still think CTRL-Y is the keystroke to delete a line. You never forget your first IDE.

Now that part of Blatherberg is federated, some of you may get my posts twice. Anyone enterprising enough can create a nice RSS filter using the superb Yahoo! Pipes.

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