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Friday, March 19, 2010

Learn about how Google uses Eclipse

Hey EclipseCon attendees,

If you're interested in how Googlers use Eclipse to develop some of the products you use, come to our talk on Tuesday, 4:15PM:
Eclipse in the Enterprise: Lessons from Google 
Providing Eclipse tools to thousands of engineers at Google is a satisfying job, but it's not always easy. In the last two years supporting Eclipse at Google has gone from casual support by enthusiasts in their spare time to a dedicated team mandated to make engineers' lives better. We will talk about the plug-ins we've written and processes we've established to provide features, enterprise deployment and support, and even share some of the pitfalls discovered along the way. 
And then, come to the Eclipse In The Enterprise BoF on Tuesday at 7:15PM for an opportunity to discuss how Eclipse is used at your organization!
Hey, you! Yes, you -- don't you work for that big company? Are you supporting hundreds, maybe thousands of your Eclipse-using colleagues? Are upgrades and environmental consistency your problem, too? Are you constantly struggling with fitting your company's build system to the IDE and Eclipse builders? Is your source code base so large that you're continually fooling Eclipse into thinking it's smaller?

Then come meet your peeps at the "Eclipse in the Enterprise" BoF. Let's share war stories and ideas. Impress everyone with your clever solutions and work-arounds! We're all facing the same issues, so come, let's talk.

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