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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Poor Steve

I just read a review of a trailer for the new Pink Panther movie. I don't expect it to be any good, and I agree that Steve Martin has struggled to remain relevant in the last several years (Cheaper By The Dozen?) But I believe this slight was undeserved:
Playing Clouseau this time is Steve Martin, who I enjoy in the Naked Gun films, but damn, this Pink Panther looks like it would be lampooned in a film from the Naked Gun series. I mean, he looks like W.C. Fields in a trenchcoat in this film!
If you're not in on the gaffe, it's this: Steve Martin was not in any of the Naked Gun films; that's Leslie Nielsen. The author may be referring to this other actor from the Naked Gun series. Poor Steve!

He still writes great essays. That is, Steve does. I don't even know if Leslie can write.

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Anonymous said...

I'm nuts about Steve Martin, but hesitate to read his novellas. Also not totally enraptured by his Shopgirl film.

btw hi, you on Facebook? :D