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Monday, August 22, 2005

Brave New World

I finished Brave New World (1932), after a fifteen year break. The first time, I read only the first two-fifths or so, up to the point where Bernard reaches the New Mexico reservation, but no further. But Saturday, I finished the book and it hadn't quite landed on me of this notion that we might already be living in a world where government creates a stable civilization by making people "love their servitude", as it is said in the forward. It did so my making its citizens perpetually happy and condititoned them to hate solitude. Several hours later, I was in a swanky hotel bathroom in Palm Springs. After sitting there for a minute (there, I said it) I noticed that happy music was pumped in through the ceiling, and I envisioned that was done to keep me from dwelling in my solitary thoughts. OK, that creeped me out.

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