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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stupid Nokia Phones

I get what I pay for.

Got a Nokia 3590. After a year, the 9 button stopped working. This meant that I couldn't call my wife at work very easily, nor could I call many people (however, I was surprised to find that there are fewer people with a '9' in their phone number than I originally expected. In part, this is probably due to moving from a 973 area code to a 323 area code.) So I ditched the phone for my stepfather's (only slightly) used Nokia 3595. All this crap about being able to copy your phone directory from one device to another? Crap. I had one entry of three phone numbers under my wife's name. Now on my new phone, for my wife, there are six entries of one number each. One for each of the phone numbers under the old directory listing, and each of them repeated for good measure. To boot, this phone has the opposite problem of my 3590. That is, when I press buttons, it registers them multiple times. This does wonders when I'm trying to listen to my voice mail. Thank god I don't do banking by phone. (for many reasons, I now see.)

I have to unload this phone, but I just don't know yet which phone I will replace it with. Any suggestions? I want a phone that is not going to break. I want a phone that, when I press a button, will register that I've pressed it, and register only once. I want decent battery life. No need for a camera; no need for internet access. A speakerphone would be nice. And by now, I want to synchronize my phone numbers with my PC, be it Outlook or a CSV file. I don't care. And I want it cheap.

I feel better.

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