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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My first birthday present

My birthday is coming up. My mother sent me my first birthday present of the year, a subscription to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle online!!! This is a cool present, because it allows you to download the crosswords and run them on your PC by yourself. You can save them, partially filled if you prefer, or you could print them (blank, filled, or with all the answers!) For the most part, you need "Across Lite", available at

You can even collaborate with someone else who has a subscription, solving the puzzle in real-time. Oh, man, that's cool stuff.

The puzzles are stored on your pc with a .puz file extension, so if you aren't ready to do today's puzzle, you can download it.

There are old crossword puzzles stored online, as far back as 1996, and there are bonus puzzles, including extra crosswords you won't see in the newspaper and a couple of other types of crosswords.

This promises to be a great present! Thank you, mommie!

PS: Download Across Lite, and then check this out, for what might be the coolest crossword puzzle ever:

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