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Friday, March 11, 2011

Workspace Mechanic 0.0.6 released to the testing update site

I think enough progress has been made on the Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse to give an update. Most of this you already know if you subscribe to the mailing list.
  1. There is now an update site for stable releases and one for testing releases.
  2. The Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse no longer depends on org.mortbay for JSON parsing. It also no longer depends on Mylyn because it has its own popup.
  3. Tasks may be specified by URL. Actually, it's slightly more complicated than that, but you can read all about it in the design document, which will eventually be turned in to proper documentation.
  4. Prettier icons.
  5. I've published tests for the project, and added many more in the last month.
  6. Lots of issues closed - too many to mention.
  7. I saved the most exciting thing for last. Michael Pellaton is giving a talk at EclipseCon which mentions the Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse, as well as his project: Eclipse Team Etceteras. If you're at EclipseCon, check it out.
Please try it out by installing it from the testing repository, and be sure to provide feedback!

Update: 11:07PM I've updated it to 0.0.7, adding relative URI task paths and supporting LASTMOD preference tasks supplied by URI.


Unknown said...

It's great to hear that Workspace Mechanic development continues!

Foodberg said...

Thanks Marcel. Go look, I dropped 0.0.7 in response to a couple of issues. Go - test!