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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why wait to register for Eclipse Day at the Googleplex?

Ms. Wise and Mr. Grumpy were chatting over some tea:

Ms. Wise: Mr. Grumpy, aren't you excited for Eclipse Day at the Googleplex 2010?

Mr. Grumpy: No. Grump.

Ms. Wise: No? But Mr. Grumpy, why not?

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. I don't have any money.

Ms. Wise: But it's free!

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. I don't know when it is.

Ms. Wise: Wait, I can tell you: it's
Thursday, August 26, 2010
9:00am - 5:00pm
And it's at the Googleplex!
Mr. Grumpy: Grump. Nobody interesting is presenting.

Ms. Wise: Now I know you're being silly, Mr Grumpy. We've got Chris Aniszczyk. He's like the voice of Eclipse. And there's Xavier Ducrohet from Google, who's going to tell us about the new tools in Android development (I hear The Android is very hot these days.) There's a speaker from Tasktop -- they bring us Mylyn, and Ed Merks -- he's like Mr. EMF. (Does EMF stand for Ed Merks' framework?) And of course, Wayne Beaton, who at least once jumped into an icy river. He's so crazy, who knows what he's going to say? Honestly, the list goes on and on.

Mr. Grumpy: Grump.

Ms. Wise: And did you see the Ignite session on the schedule?Just when you can't imagine getting any more useful information - blamo!

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. I want to go to Google for the food.

Ms. Wise: Mr. Grump. Oh, Mr. Grumpity Grump. Google is providing lunch! And did I say the event was free?

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. I don't know where to register.

Ms. Wise: Listen, Grumpton McGrumpinator. it's right there at It's as easy as sending an email.

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. Those are all good points.

Ms. Wise: Then will you attend?

Mr. Grumpy: No. Grump.

Ms. Wise: But, Mr. Grumpy. Senior Grumhold Grumbling Grumpillious Grumper. Why? Why won't you attend?

Mr. Grumpy: Grump. Because Robert Konigsberg isn't presenting this year.

Ms. Wise: Oh ... yeah. Yeah. I forgot about that. Grump.


Don't be like Mr. Grumpy!  This is our best slate of speakers yet. Go attend Eclipse Day at the Googleplex 2010. Mention my name for 10% registration discount and a chance to win a new car!*

* New car is speck-sized and only available in invisible. It may or may not be an actual car. It may only be a firm handshake.

UpdateThis compelling story is now a full motion picture! Enjoy.

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Ian Skerrett said...

LOL, this is great. I hearby request an Ignite session from you. You can pick the topic; maybe how I spend my summer. :-)