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Sunday, December 27, 2009

New office space

We bought our house in April. When we moved in, my office had about fifty boxes in it. Every few weekends I'd manage to unpack a couple of boxes, many of which just had old, recyclable mail and printouts of source code that needed shredding.

Yesterday I finally made it down to six boxes, a real achievement, and so I celebrated with a quick trip to Ikea to dedicate a corner of my room to a quiet space.

I like the freestanding shelf. I've never put one up before. I can see adding a second shelf underneath it.

The rug not only helps define the space, but now there's someplace in my office where Maggie can always sit (as demonstrated in the photo.)

Now I'm no design star, which is why everything is black, but I'm very happy. A clean, empty space.

Next week I'm getting a second chair, a second shelf, and a plant. What else?


Unknown said...

You should get a footstool too!

konberg said...

Mmm... footstool. If I get another chair that leans back, then I might just do that!

Unknown said...

Shiatsu massage chair?

teresa said...

A chair for Vernon! Unless that's what you had in mind for the second chair....

konberg said...

@Jeremy mmmm.... maybe somewhere else in the house.

@Teresa ooh clever. But Vernon lives at the office. Vernon might want to live on one of those shelves if he had a nice char.