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Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Blatherberg Poem about C++

I don't understand all the fuss
If you want a scoped pointer
Find a lady and anoint her
with watching your mem-o-ree!
Oh I want -- to -- go -- back -- to -- C.
With its malloc and its free
I just get so confused with delete and new
And what deletes who
And comparing an int to a boo-lee-an
I won't ever write a for loop
Thanks to Bjorne Stroutroup
And Alexander Stepanov
And I'll bet you've had enouv
of this poem.


Anonymous said...

"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Robert, who did too many drugs. The end." -- Kevin B

Anonymous said...

^^^ That cmoment wasn't written by Kevin B

Alan said...

Hear, hear! C++ is an old, low-level language and it should really be supplanted by a high-level language in these modern times. You know, something that usually protects you from shooting yourself in the foot or corrupting your own memory, and something whose type system is decidable.

The only thing C++ has going for it any more is all of the legacy code.