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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To the Gay citizens of California

On behalf of the non-gay citizens of California, I apologize. We're apparently a bunch of bigots.

Update: Corrected.


Anonymous said...

Racists? Nope.
Homophobes? Apparently.

Depressing, no?

(Sorry about the earlier deleted comment -- I don't know why it appeared under Jackie's name instead of mine....)

Unknown said...

California = most likely to have the world's largest gay orgy when everyone finally comes out of the repressed closet.

Janalori said...

I'm just horribly disgusted. I thought we were getting over this homophobic bullcrap. I did email my friends in California, but I guess 4 votes against weren't enough.

Foodberg said...

Right, not 'racists'. 'Bigots'. Updated.