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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're moving!

You heard it here first. We're moving back to New Jersey. Beth's getting a new job, but since there hasn't been a bona fide offer, I won't say anything just yet. I'm keeping my job with Google, I'll just change where I do what I do. Also, we're keeping the dog.

If Beth's job is settled as we expect, she will leave Los Angeles a couple of weeks before me. I will drive with the dog across the country. Whereas last time I drove cross-country over twelve days, this time I don't plan to stop for a couple of days in each city, since I'm currently employed and also because Maggie is not much of a sightseer.

We're still working out dates, but rest assured, by Halloween, we'll be gone.


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swankjesse said...

Dude, congrats. Hopefully the frequency of trips to the valley doesn't change too much!