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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Google Reader Anchor Navigation

I am a big fan of Google Reader. I love the large number of keyboard shortcuts it provides. (Did you know the '?' key lists all of Google Reader's registered shortcuts?

I've written a greasemonkey script that registers three more keyboard shortcuts:
  • ] - Select the next hyperlink within the currently open item.
  • [ - Select the previous hyperlink within the currently open item.
  • \ - Open the hyperlink selected with [ and ].
These are particularly useful for reading sites, such as Lifehacker and ze frank's blog, that aggregates posts from many other locations. The aggregated summaries are nice, but I often like to jump to the referenced post.

I should also note that Google Reader also has the 'v' keyboard shortcut that lets you open the current item in a new window. So, these keyboard shortcuts can be considered the first derivative of 'v'.

Someone else wrote a similar script that takes a different UI approach that doesn't work for me. Plus I found it at near the end of writing this one. :)

Get Greasemonkey here before you install this new google reader navigation script.

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