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Friday, June 15, 2007

Maggie's Third and Fourth Day

Now before you go off thinking, "Will there be a post about days 5, 6, 7 and so on?" I promise you the answer is 'no.' But I think it's important to talk about the developmental changes in Maggie.

Maggie's third day was a much easier one. She started relaxing, and we did too. Every day, Maggie and I play tug-of-war. You can tell much about her temper these last days from tug-of-war. The first day she was frenetic, the second day she was going through the motions. Yesterday and today she was really enjoying herself. It's a good thing, this tug-of-war, because she's clearly a hunting dog, and I like knowing that there won't be an unresolved tension. She's been crapped-out tired every day, which suggests we're running her well.

Last night she came back up to the bedroom to sleep next to our bed.

As for being in the office, it seems to work OK. People love stopping by to visit Maggie. I think she is having trouble trying to find her place in the small room. I take her out, but not too much. I I'm sure she would like more space. (So would I!) We also need some decent toys and more of a cave-like space for the office. Basically, it seems to be working well.

Some other strange facts:
  • She doesn't like peanut butter, watermelon, or pizza crust, but she liked mildly roasted potatoes.
  • On the other hand, she loved the cookies my coworker Alison made. Peanut butter, milk and flour.
  • She won't eat hard treats or dry dog food (though we can mix dry dog food with a little canned food and she gobbles it up.) Someone suggested she may have dental issues. Then again, yesterday we thought she might have osteoporosis in her hind legs, but she sits just fine.
  • She doesn't mind if we leave for fifteen minutes or so, but...
  • She likes to bark a little more than we like. It's protective barking, which I can appreciate, but we would like to cut that off.

Today was the first day, when I came home, she wagged so much her butt shook. Yes-sirree, things are looking up.

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