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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Biking to work, II

What to do with a bike
Turns out that, surprise, surprise, I wasn't as out of touch as I originally thought. I found it very easy to ride two or three miles around town. I would drive the bike to work and then occasionaly ride during my lunch hour. It was a good starting exercise. If I rode those small distances I would wake up the next morning with sore muscles. But this was merely the beginning: two or three miles was one thing, going to and from work on a single day was something else altogether!

The Big Day
The Friday prior to Bike To Work Week, my bicycle was sitting in the office, like many days before. I packed up everything in my car and was getting ready to go when I asked my coworker Max if he thought it was a good idea for me to ride home. He wasn't too sure. It was starting to get dark and he knew I hadn't ridden that far. I decided to go anyway. And if it's really hard, then I'll find that out too late: I'll be committed to finish, right?

Turns out it was really easy. I was home in an hour. The next morning I got an early jump to ride back to work to pick up my car (still sitting in the Google parking lot). Very satisfying all around. Now all I needed to do was ride in both directions on the same day.

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