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Sunday, February 06, 2005

British TV Addiction

Woah. I haven't seen a TV show come from Britan that was as promising as this since I, Claudius! Now, I don't speak in terms of new programming; Beth and I watch old British TV from DVDs. We saw I, Claudius about two years ago. Since then we've watched almost all of the Cadfael series, two very good episodes of Prime Suspect and a one disappointing episode of Inspector Morse. A&E's Poirot doesn't count, even though it's fantastic.

Now, we're enjoying two: Cracker, however, stands out. After just one episode, we've both decided this was watchable, exciting, interesting and complex. The other show, a mini-series sadly limited to seven episodes, is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, part of our Alec Guinness obsession. The first episode was weak and difficult to follow, but the second episode more than made up for it. My only disappointment is that Sir Alec doesn't get much screen time in the first two episodes. Is this going to change, given that he has top billing? It doesn't really bother me. If, however, the show starred my son, for example, you would find me standing next to the couch, screaming at the TV for them to put my son in, for chrissake.

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