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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Kids Ask Dr. Phil

My wife, Beth Osthimer, was on The Dr. Phil show on December 7th. The episode is called "Kids Ask Dr. Phil" and some information can be found here:

The last item about the girl named "Luz Ricardo". If you click on Luz's face, it brings up a slideshow. On the second page of the slideshow, you'll find a picture with four women sitting in the front row. My wife is second from the left in that picture.

"In the audience are some of Luz's supporters from the CDF and the Children's Law Center: Carol Biondi, Beth Osthimer, Lisa Mandel and Victoria Ramirez Ballesteros."

Beth had to spend alot of time putting together the website in order to prepare it for the incomiing deluge of hits. In the end, the site was "phildotted" and received 118,000 hits on the day the show aired.

This came after a long effort whereby Dr. Phil was a speaker at CDF-California's Beat The Odds awards dinner and fund raiser, where 5 kids are honored for being successful students and role models, despite very difficult odds. To make a long story short, Beth became director of Children's Defense Fund in California, which helped get Dr. Phil to be the keynote speaker at the Beat The Odds dinner. Dr. Phil was so moved by Luz's story that he wanted to do a show about her. And what he did for her... is teriffic.

Did you read the slide-show text yet?

I have attended three or four of these events so far, and they're all fantastic.

In fairness, I wrote this posting on Dec 23, but the show was aired on Dec 7.

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